Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by refocusing a vital KPI.


The Challenge

High-Impact Customer Experience.

Establish an industry-specific NPS benchmark for top dental insurance providers, along with baseline comparisons for the dental insurance industry against overall Best and Worst NPS consumer brands in the US.

Our Client's goals were to:

  • Analyze the usefulness and validity of NPS
  • Evaluate how NPS categories correspond with brand advocacy

The Results

A Focus on Brand Satisfaction & Advocacy.

The results of the research allowed Delta Dental to change the KPI it focuses on for future customer experience improvements, and isolated specific areas to focus resources on for improving the customer experience for the highest impact on customer satisfaction and positive advocacy.

Our Work Included:

  • Analyzing the usefulness and validity of NPS against alternative KPIs like satisfaction and likelihood to renew.
  • Evaluating how NPS categories corresponded with actual brand advocacy or retraction, including measuring the extent of Word of Mouth and social media influence of different customer segments.
  • Identifing specific aspects of the customer experience as well as broader brand perceptions that could most effectively increase actual positive advocacy (and lower negative advocacy).

CMB has been great to partner with on our research studies. They consistently meet our needs not only with managing the project from end to end but by providing helpful insights on how to get the most out of the study during planning as well as during data analysis. They utilize a broad range of market research techniques which sets them apart from many research companies and is necessary when collecting insights on a challenging industry.

Gabe Gurbal

Sr. Analyst, Customer Experience at Delta Dental

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Our People

Meet our top-notch team who made all the difference.

Chris Neal VP, Technology & Telecom

About The Client

The Nation’s Leading Provider of Dental Insurance.

As the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance, Delta Dental’s core purpose is the advancement of the oral health of their customers, partners and consumers through dental insurance and the philanthropic efforts of Delta Dental companies. Through their national network of Delta Dental companies, the company offers dental coverage in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, serving more than 80 million Americans. Learn more about Delta Dental here.