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How uses brand health tracking to understand current and potential member needs and connect them with the brand.



  • Brand Tracker
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Product Development
  • Subscriptions

The Challenge

Staying Relevant Through Actionable Insights., the leading online dating company, needed to focus on staying relevant in an increasingly competitive and evolving marketplace. The Company had a traditional brand tracker that provided data but few actionable insights; they wanted better alignment between their messaging and their market’s needs and values. required a flexible, “living” measurement system to provide timely, relevant insights, support strategic decisions, and inform creative execution and messaging to connect users to the “emotional core” of the brand.

Our Client's goals were to:

  • Redesign traditional brand tracker
  • Identify key category trends
  • Adjust messaging that reflects core brand values and audience goals

The Results

Flexible Insights into Top Market Opportunities.

The tracking study includes a flexible module that lets explore the most current and relevant topics, uncovering and addressing topical challenges and opportunities including the use of matching algorithms in online dating and the reaction to current ads/messaging. An example of how this works for relates to its May 2012 launch of Stir – a pioneering set of in-person events product for members (e.g., cooking classes, cocktail parties, bowling nights). Our tracking results were one of the factors that led to its introduction, and the tracker’s flexible module allows us to gauge the effect of its introduction on brand perceptions, its competitive position, and on the marketplace’s intentions to sign up.

CMB redesigned’s traditional brand tracker—conducting an online brand health tracking study, including a flexible module to address changing business decisions. This approach now allows to:

  • Understand the current health of the brand within the competitive set in terms of awareness, perceptions, usage, and advocacy behaviors to inform creative and advertising decisions.
  • Identify key category trends related to changing consumer behavior and needs, as well as evolving competitive sets, to provide direction for new product and service development.
  • Understand customer reactions to creative to develop, test, and adjust messaging that reflects core brand values and audience goals.

The CMB team has been a true partner in creating and implementing’s brand measurement program since 2007. Their approach to brand tracking enables them to provide factbased recommendations, helping us make better strategic and tactical decisions. Their flexibility in questionnaire design has allowed us to explore different ‘hot topics’ in each wave and supported us in non-marketing areas such as product innovation.

Amanda Thombre

SVP, Strategy and Analytics,

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