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Financial Services

Our dedicated Financial Services team works with global leaders including American Express, Bank of America, Ameriprise Financial, HSBC, and Synchrony Financial to help them better understand, influence, and serve both consumers and intermediaries.

Best research partner/supplier/vendor I’ve worked with in 16 years. Why? Because I have had very few issues. They get worked out in advance. CMB takes charge and really thinks ahead, is very clear and specific with what you will get,  and is accurate with estimating costs. CMB has beautiful deliverables, intelligent “high-caliber” analysts, and overall good character and core values that align with mine.

Westfield Insurance, Chadwick Martin Bailey

In this capacity, we have developed a deep understanding of the current trends and challenges within the industry, including:

Increased Competition

We understand the pressures Financial Services companies continue to face as competition increases across traditional providers—banks, credit cards, insurance, etc.—and across non-traditional players, such as online-only banks and peer-to-peer lenders.

Financial Services, Chadwick Martin Bailey
Financial Services, Chadwick Martin Bailey

New Technology

The evolution of technology continues to alter the Financial Services landscape in monumental ways. In addition to our proprietary and custom engagements, we’ve done extensive self-funded research in areas of online banking and mobile payments.

Security Concerns & Perceptions

While it’s critical for all industries to get data security right, the stakes are especially high for the Financial Services industry. Data breaches have severe legal and commercial impact and new service offerings come with renewed security concerns (both real and perceived). Strong data protection are must-haves—building trust and confidence among consumers and partners alike—and our team understands and has deep experience in addressing these issues in product development and messaging.

Financial Services, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Whether it’s building and measuring brands, developing products and services, or improving the customer experience, our Financial Services team understands how to apply market science to the banking, insurance, and wealth management industries.

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