What We Do

Market Strategy

Targeting the right segments, creating opportunity, and building brands that compete and thrive

Your market strategy is the foundation of understanding your customers and requires an actionable segmentation. Any research or strategy company can provide you with a segmentation, but over the past three decades, we’ve learned a great deal about solutions that bring results. The best solutions are difficult to nail down because segments must be differentiated by key characteristics such as goals and behaviors, but they must also be engaging and easy to use. We uncover the solution that best fits your organization’s needs and enables your business to grow.

Our proven approach to segmentation is based on decades of experience partnering with the biggest and most successful companies around the globe—for both B2B and B2C initiatives. We develop the best solutions by balancing statistical validity and real-world usability. Our expertise includes harnessing the power of both internal databases to develop models that predict segment membership and external databases to map clients’ custom segments onto broader media data sources. Our approach identifies the right tradeoffs based on the business decisions you need to make—tactical or strategic—and our solution will be one your organization will believe, accept, and use.

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