What We Do


To change what consumers think of your brand, change their image of the people who use it.

This is more powerful than changing perceptions of the brand itself. 

The more consumers identify with their image of the kind of person who uses a brand, the more likely they are to try, buy, pay for, and recommend the brand.

That’s because consumers are driven by the values, goals, passions, roles, and relationships that form their identities. When a brand helps reinforce, enhance, or express consumers’ identities, consumers are more likely to embrace that brand because it makes them feel connected to people like them, people they know and like, or people they’d like to know.

AffinID is CMB’s proprietary approach to uncovering consumers’ current image of who uses a brand, and ways to strengthen how much they identify with that person.

AffinID is based on decades of psychological research on the self and social identity, and supported by our own research. Successful brands are those that score well on our AffinID measures. They reap benefits throughout the customer journey, from prospective buyer to loyal customer willing to pay a premium.

In today’s competitive marketplace and identity-centric culture, it’s more important than ever that brands send a clear, compelling message of the kind of person who uses their product and/or service. AffinID delivers insights and recommendations tailored to helping brands optimize their marketing efforts by strategically influencing target consumers’ image of the brand’s typical user.

  • Are you communicating the right image of the kind of person who uses your brand? 
  • What can you do to enhance that image?
  • Do you know who your perceived typical customer is?