What We Do


To change what consumers think of your brand, change their image of the people who use it.

The more consumers identify with their image of the kind of person who uses a brand, the more they will try, buy, pay for, and recommend it. That’s because consumers are people, and people are driven by their identities—they embrace brands that help them reinforce, enhance, or express who they are.

Traditional brand-centric approaches don’t address the critical question of whether brands are succeeding at helping people feel and express alignment with people like us, people we know and like, or people we’d like to know. Managing your brand image isn’t enough: consumers’ image of a brand’s typical user is just as important. That’s why our team of social psychologists and methodologists developed AffinID℠: a powerful consumer-centric research solution that helps brands drive growth by strategically influencing consumers’ image of the brand’s typical user.

AffinID℠ helps supports brands and agencies with the science to get the art of marketing right. Here’s how leading brands are leveraging this powerful tool!

  • Marketing
    • Inform creative briefs
    • Test and optimize communications
    • Assess campaign effectiveness
  • Targeting
    • Activate priority segments
    • Attract new segments
  • Brand Health & Development
    • Differentiate vs. competitors
    • Evaluate potential partnerships
    • Track progress against goals