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CMB’s Emotional Impact Analysis

Understanding the emotional payoffs consumers experience, want, and expect from your brand and products is key to building and maintaining loyal and engaged customers. Instead of just exploring what consumers think of a brand, EMPACT℠, CMB’s proprietary Emotional Impact Analysis, measures how brands make consumers feel and how those feelings influence key outcomes.

EMPACT℠ informs a range of business decisions thanks to the importance of emotions in influencing consumer decisions of all kinds, and the applicability of the approach to a range of brands, touch-points, and categories. EMPACT℠ is used to:

  • Understand your brand’s emotional impact on consumers—diagnose threats and opportunities and track progress against goals
  • Develop treatments tailored to inspiring the right emotions for priority segments
  • Understand the emotions your customers’ experiences; implement strategies to spark more of the right emotions and less of the wrong ones
  • Ensure your marketing executions communicate the right emotional payoffs

Developed by CMB’s team of social psychologists and methodologists, EMPACT℠ is anchored in prevailing psychological research and theories of emotion. Unlike methods positioned as ways to uncover “unconscious” emotions (like facial coding or MRIs), EMPACT measures how brands and touch-points make people feel in a way that’s:

  • Practical—survey-based, fast, cost-effective, able to use with/complement other measures
  • Comprehensive—measures a broader range of emotions than other techniques
  • Robust—scalable to large samples, leveraging insights from the scientific study of emotion
  • Systematic—enables brand comparisons, develop norms, or track over time

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