Who We Are

Erica Carranza, Ph.D.

VP, Consumer Psychology

Erica has a proven ability to lead, package, and present research that impresses stakeholders, and impacts their business decisions. She brings a passion and talent for uncovering valuable insights, and telling compelling stories that drive action.

Prior to CMB, Erica led research client-side at American Express. She was a go-to team member for high-profile projects, trusted to deliver outstanding, influential research to high-level audiences across the organization. She was a recipient of the American Express CMO Award for Achievement in Excellence.

A Ph.D. social psychologist, Erica applies her expertise to provide clients with a unique edge in the market. For example, she applied:

  • Fast” vs. “slow” thinking to illuminate how consumers choose a form of payment, informing financial product development and marketing strategies
  • The psychology of habits to understand reward program participation, with implications for how to trigger and reinforce habits that drive brand loyalty
  • Emotional motivations in a customer segmentation, driving strategies to increase customers’ spending and satisfaction via tailored treatments
  • Models of persuasion to understand how prospects process communications throughout their decision journey, delivering best practices for how to influence them at each stage
  • Perceived social norms and stereotypes to profile segments of dads, giving the client a unique authority on modern dads that was the basis for an award-winning pro-social campaign

Erica has a B.A. in Psychobiology and Philosophy (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude) from Wellesley College, and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Princeton University. At Princeton, she was a recipient of the Honorific, Quin Morton, and President’s Fellowships.

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